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  • 29 August 2022

Turnkey robotic sanding cell for McStarlite

EMPOWERING TECHNOLOGIES and GEBE2 designed, manufactured, and commissioned a turnkey robotic sanding cell to McStarlite, the world’s leading producer of aircraft engine nacelle lipskins since 1973.

“With automation [and this new cell], McStarlite are now able to deliver consistent and accurate parts at a fraction of the time, ultimately allowing them to meet demand and the stringent requirements from the aerospace industry.” –  (source: robomaster.com)

McStarlite trusted GEBE2 solution, as GEBE2 already delivered 20+ robotic sanding/trimming/polishing cells dedicated to nacelle lipskins or other Aircraft and Helicopter parts worldwide with high level of automation, consistency, accuracy, high and repeatable quality finishes.

More information about the cell from our partner website 

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