Turnkey robotic sanding cell for McStarlite

The 29 Aug 2022
Turnkey robotic sanding cell for McStarlite EMPOWERING TECHNOLOGIES and GEBE2 designed, manufactured, and commissioned a turnkey robotic sanding cell to McStarlite, the world’s leading producer of aircraft engine nacelle lipskins since 1973. "With automation [and this new cell], McStarlite are now able to deliver consistent and accurate parts at a…

Robots, the sander’s best friends? THE A VISION

The 18 Jan 2021
"In many sectors of industry, the sanding process is being robotised. The machines used are able to adapt perfectly to the performance of this demanding, repetitive and dusty job, reproducing gestures and sensitivity of the human hand. At the forefront of the latest developments, collaborative robots (known as cobots) rely…

SECAMnida® – Automated potted-in insert fixing for sandwich panel

The 18 Mar 2020
Watch the replay about our webinar on robotized potted-in insert for sandwich panel (with live demonstration!) SECAM FIXING SOLUTIONS, provider of fixing solutions, is partnering with GEBE2 to offer a fully automated fastening solutions dedicated to honeycomb and metal sandwich panels. Conventional fixing processes for sandwich panels (nomex and aluminum)…

New : collaborative sanding robot

The 15 Apr 2019
In addition to robotic composite sanding solutions, GEBE2 now offers you a collaborative robot solution with its exclusive partnership with ISYBOT. To manufacturers facing small series and great diversity of parts, this is the appropriate and affordable solution. The autonomy of this COBOT improves the productivity of manual operations. Thanks…

ADSS Seattle

The 27 Mar 2018

We’re exhibiting during ADSS Seattle (Aerospace and Defense Supplier Summit – March, 26th to 28th). Our robotic solutions are matching with OEMs’ requests! We’re proud to offer innovative robotic processes to the Northern America industries!

Integration of GOBIO ROBOT

The 01 Nov 2017

EUROPE TECHNOLOGIES, based in Pays de la Loire (France) and specialized in innovative services and processes for industries, announces the integration of GOBIO’s activities, company based in Carquefou (44) providing systems of physical assistance to operators (cobots, exoskeletons, …) Just one week after the announcement of the acquisition of SERVISOUD…

Technical Center – Robotic Test Platform

The 06 Sep 2017

We recently create a Robotic Test Platform with several demonstrators ready to carry out your technical feasibility studies or certain test programs. Large capacity demontrators and testings effectors, integration of the OLP (OffLine programming) tools as from the feasibility study or collaborative robots are examples of available services provided by our…

1st prize – Safran Nacelles Innovation Awards

The 27 Mar 2017
The collaboration between GEBE2 and Safran NACELLES since 2012 led to the production of three micro-drilling robotized cells, under the name of DREAM project (DRilling Enhanced Acoustic Machine). The entire project has just been recognized at the Safran Nacelles Innovation Awards by receiving the 1st prize. #Innovation #awards #LeHavre: Félicitations…